Express Service

By using our Express Service, our factory-certified technicians can get your vehicle taken care of in most cases in 30 minutes or less at a competitive price. With convenient hours and no-appointment required, you'll receive great service that puts you back on the road quickly.

Express Services Include

  • Oil and filter change
  • Tire rotation
  • Inspect/Replace air filter and cabin filter
  • Install wiper blades
  • Minor battery service
  • Scheduled minor maintenance
  • Multi-point inspection with Full Circle Report Card

Multi-point inspection with Full Circle Report Card

This inspection is included with all our other express services.

  • Check and Fill - Window washer Fluid level; Automatic transmission fluid level/condition; Brake fluid level/condition; Power steering level/condition; Coolant recover reservoir fluid level/condition; transaxle, transfer case, clutch reservoir fluid/condition
  • Check - windshield for cracks, chips, pitting; Operation of horn, interior and exterior lights; Windshield wash spray, wiper condition and wiper blades; Oil and/or fluid leaks; CV drive axle boots; Exhaust system for visible damage, leaks loose parts; Accessory drive belts; Steering, steering linkages;Suspension and shocks/struts for bounce/leaks/damage
  • Check - Battery performance, actual cold - cranking amps
  • Check - Tires for proper pressure/depth tread/alignment issues
  • Check - Brakes and measure front /rear brake linings
  • Check every 15,000 miles: Brake system, including lines, hoses and parking brake; A/C hoses for visible leaks/damage; Lube drive train, including shaft, linkage, etc as needed; Battery terminals, clean if needed; Clutch operation, if equipped; Wheel end for end play and bearing noise

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