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Chapman Mazda Average Rating:
4.8 out of 5 stars (81 reviews)
I had been a customer for over three years and in the past six months the service area is going from excellent to poor. My complaint is mostly about the scheduling. I had an appointment for 12:15pm but the technicians won't start until 1:00pm. I lost 45 minutes sitting there. I am disappointed and thinking of using the dealer in Peoria from now on. There is no sense in me driving from Surprise to Phoenix and get this type of service.
– Enid Vargas
Air bag replacement
After waiting about 1-1/2 years to get this resolved, I was informed that parts were in to to R&R defective airbags. I realize this was a factory issue. Blaming Mazda for the delay as extremely poor business practice. Service writer Jennifer was courteous and professional. She is a valuable asset to the Chapman staff in my opinion. During the drive home, I noticed that the airbag service light was on. I drove back to dealership. Jennifer produced a mechanic almost immediately who stated that the light was on when it first arrived, which was not the case. As it turned out the mechanic failed to properly connect a wire which cause the indicator light to show on the dash display. Jennifer made nice saying the mechanic confused my 2004 MPV with the previous vehicle which did arrive with the airbag service light on. Later thought it hilarious that my MPV could be confused with the Miata that preceded my van. I never thought it looked that sporty. Disliked the false accusation by the mechanic. Reason? Whats the difference if the light was on or off when it arrived? It was there for replacement of defective airbags anyway, so why the comment? Other than this the rest of my visit was spot on. Nice job Jennifer, it was a pleasure.
– William J Merritt
Oil leak issue
Experienced oil leak in 2016 Mazda 6 after oil change by outside vendor. Chapman Mazda inspected car, found loose oil plug, tightened plug and added oil. No charge from Chapman! I will have them do service from now on so I know it is done correctly.
– Dennis Rule
Mazda service
I have had my Mazda's serviced at Chapman for over 9 years, appointments are easy, customer service is great, the mechanic Randy always takes the time to meet with me and explain the service.
– Dave Custer
Jennifer Fox and Roe made arrangements for battery replacement on short notice. It was very much appreciated as it was already mid afternoon.
– Lawrence Manley
Service work on 2014 Mazda CX-9
The service work completed by Chapman Mazda on my 2014 CX-9 was excellent. Jennifer Fox handled the process very efficiently, and kept me informed all the way through the work being completed. She also arranged to allow me to use a loaner vehicle while my vehicle was being serviced. Wonderful experience.
– Timothy Kramer
Service Visit
i made an appointment for service with Jennifer Fox. She mentioned on my last visit that my CV Boots needed repair by the next oil change. i arranged for a loaner car and was called by Jennifer the day of the appointment to confirm all was ready to go. Upon arrival, my loaner was ready, and they were ready for my vehicle. The next day, an issue came up that impacted when i would get my car back. Again, Jennifer was proactive and called me right away. We made arrangements for me to get my car a day later. And it was ready on time as promised. Great service from start to finish!!
– Bob Morenzoni
Great service
Great service. Fast, efficient and thorough. My Service Adviser was very friendly and kept me informed.
– Patricia J Nestiuk
oil and filterchange
A bit unfair & displeased...
I honestly don't want to come off as "that customer" by ANY means, but it is in fact hard not to do so and here's why. My vehicle was in the shop for $3200+ in repairs (that does include an oil change as well) and I will give kudos to the fact that I was granted a loaner vehicle for the 2.5 weeks my vehicle was being repaired. Well I had a blow out on the way home from Tucson for a two week work assignment. On the way back I had a blow out which was not at all induced by careless driving or blatant disregard for running anything....the inner most side of the tire blew and shredded but yet I was made responsible to pay $230 for ONE tire with no understanding nor care that I was about to pay $3200+ bill in repairs. I used to rave in the most positive ways about Chapman Mazda but I'm indeed having second thoughts after this encounter....not to mention I was told that I'd be contacted by the location manager and have yet to receive any form of contact. I'm sure this will be tossed aside in the "oh well" pile but at this point if it's even reviewed THAT'S good enough for me. Thank you
– Rick Thompson