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Chapman Mazda Reviews
Chapman Mazda Average Rating:
4.8 out of 5 stars (75 reviews)
Thank You
Totally Awesome experience ! They went the extra mile to make Our deal happen ! Thank You very much !
– John Kagarise
Recent service visit for my 2005 Mazda 3
Jennifer, my service rep, was friendly, efficient and worked with me to keep my bill a bit lower. There were numerous service recommendations and I chose to move forward on all of them to help assure the vehicle was safe and operating efficiently. Richard, the shuttle driver who drove me up and back from my home to the service, couldn't have been any friendlier and was a pleasure to deal with. While I did spend quite a bit for the many services, they were needed and my car hasn't "purred" like it does now for years! Good work!
– Michael Shcolnik
Customer Acct. Mgr. Supervisor
Purchase experience was pleasant and easy.
– Linda
Check List
You write a lot of pretty words about exceeding expectations and then you donít. Nick went out to the service center to make sure my cargo net was installed. The next day he mailed it to me. You have a check list that you hand to a customer after a service appointment. It says you have checked all the bulbs including the fog lights. One of my fog lights was not working when I brought the car in and wasnít working when I drove the car out. Obviously, the check list means nothing. The car is great. I havenít had this much fun since I was a teenager but you service leaves much to be desired.
– James Krzeminski
All Taken Care Of
I had several concerns when I brought my CX-5 in for an oil change on Thursday, 4/13. All were addressed promptly. My only recommendation would be that staff take care with rear view mirrors when they wash the cars. Mine were well out of sync and needed adjustment after the washing.
– Ann B Penfield
First time, long time
This was my first new car purchase in nineteen years. I chose to drive three hours to Chapman Mazda for two main reasons. First, their website is the nicest, easiest, most informative of all the car dealer websitest hat I visited, no contest. Somebody needs to be rewarded big time for that. I contacted salesman Dwayne Taylor and set up an appointment, and later that day I was driving away in a very nice Mazda 3. I am so glad that I ended up with a Mazda. I could go on and on about why I think Mazda is a better vehicle than every other car out there, but you will have to make that decision for yourself. Give them a fair comparison and I bet that you will come to the same conclusion. Thanks to Dwayne Taylor (and Michael Knox), and the finance guy gets special mention, too. I already want another one. Zoom, zoom!
– Martin S
Most Fun ever when dealing for a vehicle
Dwayne Taylor is a joy!
– Peter J. Horne
Great experience
Wonderful buying experience! Nick Nicholas was patient, thoughtful and helpful through the whole process.
– Holly Epright
I had been a customer for over three years and in the past six months the service area is going from excellent to poor. My complaint is mostly about the scheduling. I had an appointment for 12:15pm but the technicians won't start until 1:00pm. I lost 45 minutes sitting there. I am disappointed and thinking of using the dealer in Peoria from now on. There is no sense in me driving from Surprise to Phoenix and get this type of service.
– Enid Vargas
Air bag replacement
After waiting about 1-1/2 years to get this resolved, I was informed that parts were in to to R&R defective airbags. I realize this was a factory issue. Blaming Mazda for the delay as extremely poor business practice. Service writer Jennifer was courteous and professional. She is a valuable asset to the Chapman staff in my opinion. During the drive home, I noticed that the airbag service light was on. I drove back to dealership. Jennifer produced a mechanic almost immediately who stated that the light was on when it first arrived, which was not the case. As it turned out the mechanic failed to properly connect a wire which cause the indicator light to show on the dash display. Jennifer made nice saying the mechanic confused my 2004 MPV with the previous vehicle which did arrive with the airbag service light on. Later thought it hilarious that my MPV could be confused with the Miata that preceded my van. I never thought it looked that sporty. Disliked the false accusation by the mechanic. Reason? Whats the difference if the light was on or off when it arrived? It was there for replacement of defective airbags anyway, so why the comment? Other than this the rest of my visit was spot on. Nice job Jennifer, it was a pleasure.
– William J Merritt