Chapman Mazda
on Bell Road
999 W. Bell Rd. #1 Phoenix, AZ 85023
Sales/Service/Parts: 602-344-6940
Chapman Mazda Reviews
Chapman Mazda Average Rating:
4.7 out of 5 stars (68 reviews)
Love my Mazda
Jennifer is great, very professional & friendly. My car was serviced in a timely manner.
– Patricia Rybacki
Always taken care of!
I recently took my car in for a 40,000 service and was very pleased. Jennifer is always a pleasure to work with.
– Ron Pacioni
Scheduled Service & key fob battery replacement
Jennifer does an excellent job and is very knowledgeable about the issues we bring up. She says it could be this, or it could be that, but we'll figure it out and I'll let you know. She always calls for a decision if there are additional charges required. She is a great asset to Chapman Mazda!!!
– Christine Wiestling
Brand new Mazda3 for the price of a used
Bill at Chapman Mazda got me an awesome deal on a brand new Mazda3! I had been looking at these cars all over the valley but all of them were used for the same price. I'm loving the car!
– Paul
New CX5 !
My wife and I just purchased our new Mazda CX-5, and it is beautiful. We got the trade we needed on her older BMW, and Keith worked with us until we were satisfied, and smiling customers. Feeling good about choosing Chapman.
– Craig Sorenson
Service on 5/22
Thank you Jennifer Fox for getting us in on short notice for our oil change. We always appreciate your professional and efficient service.
– Deb Manley
Excellent service Again on May 10, 2017
We have had our 2010...CX-9 and Mazda 6 serviced at the Bell Rd. location for the last 7 years and continues to be top-shelf service provider. We are very happy with the service and maintenance people and have highly recommended this dealership and Mazda's to anyone who is in the new car market. We are very satisfied with both of our Mazda products. As always, our service coordinator, Jennifer Fox, is always a "professional" and a pleasure. Deborah M.
– Deborah A. Manley
First oil change
The wait line for service was behind schedule. I was still in line at 11:25 when my appt was at 11 AM. The waiting room smelled like garlic and stale Italian food. There were not enough chairs for the folks waiting so some had to wait in the main show room. When I take my KIA in, it is also cleaned on the inside. Not at Chapman, the windshield was finger marked and the rugs were not vacuumed. I will not be going there for service again.
– Pam Hoeffleur
Service may 6
I had an appt. @ 9 am n I was told it should only take 1-1 1/2 hr. I waited on the guy to sign in n he was so busy n told me at least 2hr wait.. many cars lining up behind me.. He was the ONLY guy working that Saturday morning.. I was going to wait but call to be pick up. When he called me -car was ready said he got it in service early.. ?? How many do they sign up for the same time frame???? Anyway I hope my second oil change will go better.. as I live about 80 miles away..
– Sandra Weaver
My experience
The worst car dealer experience I have ever had in my 83 years on this earth. If some one raeds this and cares to contact me I will expand on my comment!! I spent 5 hours in the old fashioned very scruffy Hyundai waiting area.
– John Alan Trevor