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Chapman Mazda on Bell Road

Chapman Mazda at 999 West Bell Road, Suite 1, in Phoenix, Arizona features a full inventory of Mazda cars, SUVs and trucks. Our easy-to-navigate website includes actual photos of new and used Mazda inventory. Our web site is part of our ongoing effort to provide our customers with convenient access to useful information and satisfying service.

Use our site,, to locate your next Mazda, schedule service, or get pre-approved for financing. Or, give us a call at 602-344-6940. Chapman Mazda is your Phoenix Mazda dealer and your premier Arizona Mazda dealer! Chapman Mazda is located in Phoenix, Arizona and serves the entire Valley including Tempe, Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale and more. View our sitemap here.

Arizona Mazda Dealership - Located in Phoenix

  • Actual Photos of New and Used Mazdas!
  • Huge Inventory of Used Cars for Sale in Phoenix with Real Photos & CarFax Reports!
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Phoenix Mazda Sales, Service, Parts & Accessories

Did you know that Chapman has been selling cars since 1966? Chapman continues to provide an exceptional customer service experience while growing our Mazda dealer network in size and efficiency. Our Phoenix Mazda dealership is your choice for Mazda car sales in Arizona.

Our success starts with one thing: the best prices. We want you to know that your Phoenix Mazda dealer gives you the best bottom-line price in town. We invite you to find your new Mazda car today at Chapman Mazda on Bell Road. Call, click, or come in to our Phoenix Mazda dealership to choose from all of the most popular Mazda vehicles in the Valley.

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Mazda Skyactiv engines and transmissions
The Mazda/Ford relationship of old was symbiotic in nature. Mazda got the dealership network it needed to remain profitable, while Ford was able to mine Mazda’s products for platforms and engines. When Ford decided to part ways from Mazda, it left Mazda to “do their own thing” and “see other people,” but Mazda didn’t jump
Mazda Hazumi Concept Previews Next-Gen Mazda 2
With Mazda hitting home run after home run with its new product lineup after its divorce from Ford, it is no surprise that many in the automotive industry are excited about what Mazda has in store for the teeny Mazda 2. You can test drive a current-gen Mazda 2 at your local Phoenix Mazda dealer.
How Tires Can Affect Your Fuel Economy
When it comes to performance and fuel economy, many people talk about things such as filters, fuel injector cleaners and regular oil changes as the key. While maintaining your car well will always result in better mileage and longer car life; people tend to overlook the fact that selecting and maintaining the proper tires will
Mazda First-Time Owner program aimed at those with little or no credit history
The thrill of buying your first new vehicle is often overshadowed by the worry of how to pay for it. While a loan from the first-national bank of dad or a co-signer like mom is often needed, Mazda USA has developed a First-Time Owner program that allows you to purchase a vehicle on your own
The Importance of Routine Service Schedules
Although maintenance intervals are more widely spaced than they used to be, even the newest cars require scheduled service to live long, productive lives. Whether yours is the latest model or you paid it off years ago, the trick is giving your car the maintenance it was designed to receive. A few minutes assimilating these
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